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Self Portrait of the Day, day 148.

So today the weather went from incredibly shitty to fan-freakin’-tastic. I don’t know what to believe any more.

On the downside my doctor has no clue what is causing the pain in the (mostly) right side of my body. He is referring me to another doctor in the cities though who may be able to help me when I am up there for college this fall.

Plus I got re-certified in CPR and first aid tonight (the teacher was my aunt oddly enough) and I finished up the crimping on my Loki!Avengers “skirt” until the zipper gets put in. I also got some work in on the boot covers.
And hey, enjoy a picture of me as my dad would surely call me a “punk”.

  1. jwinterbarnes said: Yea but a very cute punk. make all the other punks go woooooooo
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