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Self Portrait of the Day, day 144.

Today I thought I would showcase my room.

So lets start when you walk in. Straight ahead you will see my bookcase (aww yeah, shop class!). It hold books, movies and lots of stuff.

Turn to the right and you see my unkempt bed. I really need to make it one of these days. Also my deer Ronin (legally harvested, duh) and that dreadful window skirt.
Plus I have some posters above my bed. I need to change that middle one soon.

Turn left and you get my closet wall. I need to clean that thing out. I mean yikes. Plus a close up of that hanging board. Lots of memories up there.

In the middle of the wall in the back of my room I have this odd little nook that now houses drawers that I hardly use. Close up on the top o the drawers as it hold more stuff and whatnot. Mostly just stuff I have sewn.

Finally on the other side of that back wall (the bookshelf is on the other) we see some built in drawers that I have full of clothing not in my closet and as you can see there is also a lot of clothing not in the drawers or the closet as well. I have a nice floordrobe working for me.

Oh and that black stuff in the first picture is fake leather for my Loki costume. Had to stow it away for graduation last week when family was over.

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